This is a wonderful online video that I just have to share. I know it's not Easter right now, but this is a truly wonderful video that I must share.
I created a document for a health and wellness class that myself and a minister of the church oversee.  The document that I used which I obtained from helped me to put together a very organized plan of action for myself and many of the women at the church.  It really helped having all the information that I wanted to inform them of in a clear cut, straight to the point outlined document.  I am sure once they receive this document they will be very impressed that I went through the trouble of putting this information together in a well organized professional document.
The thing that I have discovered in this class so far is that now I know why I was never interested in signing up for a twitter account.  Signing up for that technology feels like such a waste.  I go on there and "follow" people. When I try a make a comment about things that they have said I never get a response.  I mean really, is twitter just away for people to let off some steam..? Or, say stuff that is on their mind without caring or being interested as to what people think.  Or, to express to people what they are doing every minute of the day.  I don't know, but what I am absolutely sure of is that fact that I really don't like it and don't ever see myself using it other that the need to have it in this class.  Happy Twitting all!
My experience with photo sharing is that as with my opinion on all the other technologies that we have been having to learn about I am not interested in.  I may sound like a broken record, but for many people they might enjoy this type of stuff, but I really can't see nor have I had a need for it.  However, while in Florida visiting friends I was told by one of my friends that it is good that I have been "forced" into learning about such "technologies".  So, as I have said before.  I will keep an opened mind.
As many of my readers have read  listed in my previous blogs will know I really to care to much about "blogging".  Whether it's a basic blog or microblogging in my opinion it's a waste of time.  It used in my opinion or people would have way to much time on their hands, or who love siting at a computer all day.  Or, on their phones.
What I discovered while reading the article explaining the use of blogs as a learning space in the higher education sector is that it seem to be view as a good and useful learning tool.  However, I can't say that I agree. I see blogging as a big waste of time.  There is many other ways to learning in the higher education sector then to list a bunch of lack luster information on a blog site.
Hello classmates, this is my first blog post and to be honest with you I am really not that excited about it.  However, it is the first and it could possibly get better.  So, I have an open mind and looking forward to good times with my new twitter account and blogging.  To good times ahead. Whoo hoo!